…………………………………The greatest wealth is health. -Virgil…………………………………….

Letter to FYSOPers…

Hey guys,

Welcome to BU! College is an awesome, unique four years that will be really exciting, challenging, and inspiring. You are starting this journey off right with FYSOP Public Health Awareness so congrats to you!

Getting involved in community service is one of the greatest ways to invest in your new Boston community. This week you’re going to meet new people, explore new areas, and think about sensitive health topics in a challenging way. PHA is an awesome issue area because it encompasses aspects of environmental, physical, sexual, and mental health—giving everyone an opportunity to relate to something they’re interested in.

But FYSOP is not all about the issue areas—you’ll also make some lasting friendships and have a group of familiar faces to see as you begin your college journey. On top of that, you’ll have upperclassmen leaders who want nothing more than to have your backs and help you out in any way they can! The staff members that will be leading you around Boston during the week of FYSOP can offer you the greatest and most accurate insight to what to expect in your future years at BU.

Better yet, we, as coordinators, want to give you the best FYSOP experience, so come introduce yourselves, talk about PHA and stay healthy!

Much love,

Maddy and Colleen


10 Days until FYSOP!!

Hey PHAers! FYSOP is coming up pretty fast! Here’s a video about what we’ve been up to in the office.

FYSOP Travel Itinerary!



Moving off to college is so exciting but can be hectic with all the packing and traveling. Fortunately for you FYSOPers we try to make the transition as smooth as possible! Please take ONE MINUTE to fill out the mandatory FYSOP Travel Itinerary form. If your moving in from around the corner and just bringing one suitcase, or flying in from abroad and shipping all of your life’s belongings, we need to know your story! Where are you coming from? How are you getting here? Do you need a pick-up from the airport?

Help us make Move-In Day on August 26th a fun and exciting day by filling out your travel itinerary at http://fysoptravelitinerary.eventbrite.com/. This way we can welcome you to campus right when you arrive!


Trojan Condoms Unrolled

This video, shared with us by first year PHA volunteer Corinne Devine, shows the ways in which Trojan condoms are made and tested before being sold.

Check This Out!

Hey guys! These BU students are biking across America to promote physical activity. Check out their blog here: http://nicksbikeforamerica.wordpress.com


Meet Your Public Health Awareness Coordinators!

What Do You Think Of When You Think of Public Health?

When presented with the words “public health” or “HIV/AIDS,” it is easy to immediately direct the conversation to global issues or to focus on impoverished areas of the world. What people sometimes don’t realize is that public health is effective on all levels, including the national and local.  Did you know that in one part of Philadelphia — like many other urban neighborhoods in the United States — there is an HIV infection rate on par with many sub-Saharan African nations, including Sierra Leone and Ghana (UNAIDS)? According to CNN’s report, there are more than 19,000 residents living with HIV in Philadelphia. Among these, the highest rates are “black residents living in low-income neighborhoods with limited access to health care facilities and services” (CNN). Check out the video below to learn how some people took effective action within public health awareness!